GOM3 Downloads

The Downloads option in GOM3 is used primarly to download montly production. Production charts are available for Wells, Completions, Fields, Pools, Sands, Blocks, Leases and Platforms. All production data released by the BOEM is included in GOM3. The data, which is monthly production data for each completion from the 1940s on, is aggregated to the well, to the sand, to the block, etc. Production data is aggregated to the platform based on the wells drilled from the platform or those wells tied back to it.

There are two primary exceptions which include other datasets to download. First, the Downloads option for Fields includes Sand data within the field, such as estimated ultimate recovery, pressure, temperature, porosity, permeability and more.

The other exception is when hotlinking on Wells. The Downloads option for Wells includes directional surveys, velocity surveys, bottom hole pressure surveys, well tests, completions, well header information, paleo samples, weekly drilling records, casing information and well log downloads.