GOM3 3D Field View

The 3D Field View launches the interactive, three-dimensional view of the chosen field, displaying sands wells, paleo picks, completions and more. In ArcGIS Desktop, this launches ArcScene and requires the ArcGIS 3D Analyst extension. In ArcGIS Pro, this simply opens a new window in Pro and does not require 3D Analyst, however, creating new data such as the surface in the image below, will require an extension like 3D Analyst or Spatial Analyst.

3D Field Views provide a new way to explore GIS data. The 3D map is in unexaggerated true vertical depth, showing the common thin reservoirs of the Gulf. Like 2D maps, it is completely interactive with the ability to add more data, resymbolize the various layers or hotlink on the features in the scene to explore more information about each item.