GOM3 Reports by Dataset

Reports are available for nearly all updated datasets in GOM3, consisting of everything from basic collections of data to links directly back into BSEE reports and scanned documents. All datasets' reports listed below are also accessible in GOMsmart, with the exception of Pools, Sands and Refineries.  

In the table below, blue represents those reports with data gathered from BOEM/BSEE, orange represents those reports with direct links back into the BSEE's website, and green represents well documents that were purchased from the BSEE and made available within the GOM3/GOMsmart system.

Leases Lease Report (incl. Owners)
  Lease Bidding Report
  Lease Remarks Report
  Operating Rights Report
  Adjudication Documents (BOEM website)
  Collateral Documents (BOEM website)
  Unit Documents (BOEM website)
Fields Field Summary Report
  Field Production Report
  Field Reserve History Report
Wells Well Summary/Production Report
  Well Test Report
  Well Completion Report
  Paleo Details Report
  Paleo Summary Report
  Conventional Cores
  Core Samples
  Geochemical Samples
  Geochemical Analysis
  Paleo Samples
  Pressure Volume Tests
  Sidewall Cores
  Wellbore Schematic
  APD/AST/ABP (BOEM website)
  APM (BOEM website)
  End of Ops Report (BOEM website)
  Well Activity Report (BOEM website)
  Well Info Systems (BOEM website)
  Directional Survey Documents (BOEM website)
  Potential Test Documents (BOEM website)
Completions Completion Summary/Production Report
  Well Test Report
  Comp Interval Production Report
Platforms Platform Report
Planned Sites Planned Sites Report
  Plans Query (BOEM website)
  Planned Site Docs (BOEM website)
Pipelines Pipeline Report
  Pipeline Right-of-Way (BOEM website)
  Pipeline Maps (BOEM website)
Blocks Block Production Report
Discoveries Discovery Report
Prospects Prospect Report
Possible Prospects Possible Prospect Report
Paleontology Paleo Details Report
  Paleo Summary Report
Pools Pool Summary Report
  Pool Production Report
Sands Sand Summary/Production Report
Application for Permit to Drill APD Summary Report
  APD/AST/ABP (BOEM website)
Rigs Rigs Report
Units Units Report
  Unit Documents (BOEM website)
Blocks Receiving Bids Bidding Report
Refineries Refinery Report