Tie-back Tool Webinar

The first Tie-back Tool webinar is scheduled for 1:00PM CDT on Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019. This webinar, conducted by Scott Morris, will describe the routing calculations in the Tie-back portion of the Business Planning Add-on to GOM3.

The Business Planning Add-on is a separate, web-based component designed to maximize efficiency around planning for bids and prospect development. In addition to the Tie-back Tool portion, it also includes the Bidding/Block Evaluation analysis, to estimate the likelihood that a block will be bid in the next sale (including the amount of the high bid), as well as the updated Forgotten Oil & Gas Study, which identifies reservoirs (by decline curve analysis), fields, sands and comps which may have unproduced hydrocarbons. The Add-on also includes some new reports and graphs displaying bidding data on past sales.

The webinar is free and will last approximately 20 minutes with extra time for questions and suggestions.  If you would like to join in, please register below. We will email you the link to join the selected meeting.

If you cannot attend at this time, please contact Tony Dupont (tony@earthsci.com) if you are interested in a smaller meeting.