GOMsmart Data

GOMsmart delivers the most complete data available on the Gulf of Mexico, covering Leases, Wells, Scout Data, Fields, Facilities, Paleontological Data and Production. GOMsmart includes all data released by the BOEM, plus data mined from research conducted by GOMsmart and Earth Science Associates (ESA).


GOMsmart makes researching Lease data easy and complete. Ready-made, up-to-date wall maps are always available. Reports and Charts within GOMsmart provide a wealth of data. GOMsmart’s automated processes integrate sale data into the Lease databases faster than anyone in the industry.
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GOMsmart’s web-based research tool delivers the most complete and accurate data about all the oil, gas and water wells in the Gulf of Mexico. Easily navigate to the specific Well information you need, then view detailed maps, charts, reports and well logs. With a single-click, you can also view the original documents on BOEM servers.
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GOMsmart keeps you current on all new activity in the Gulf. Scout data is a combination of datasets that show the most recent information available in the Gulf of Mexico. Exploration Plans and Drilling Permits are updated daily, within hours of the release by the BOEM. Updated maps are generated automatically with each update, giving you an instant view of each location.
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Covering Fields and Reserve History, the GOMsmart Fields database includes data mined by ESA from the BOEM Atlas, combined with Production, Reserves, and Well Information. Field Reserve History data has been collected from 1975, providing key historical information often needed for research.
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Complete Gulf of Mexico Platform and Pipeline database source information is just a click away. Platform structures combined with associated complex data are easily accessed. The GOMsmart maps identify all Pipelines within the entire GOM. All Facilities have comprehensive reports and links directly to BOEM-served reports.
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GOMsmart includes Paleo Data on 12,000+ wells on which paleontological analysis reports have been released by the BOEM. These include 95,000+ individual picks providing the Depth, Marker identified, Time and Environment Interpretation, and information about the confidence of the interpretations.
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GOMsmart contains all monthly Oil, Gas and Water Production records dating back to 1947. Monthly Production is available at the Completion, Well, Field, Lease, and Block in charts, reports and downloads. Production data is also aggregated to cumulative production values for each dataset.
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