Facts & FAQs

  • How do I purchase GOMsmart?
    Purchases of single one-year GOMsmart licenses are processed through this web site. Press the Purchase Now Button at the bottom of this page and you can charge the cost to your credit card through our secure-site store. To purchase more than one license, call Earth Science Associates to receive a multiple-purchase discount. Earth Science Associates can be reached at (562)428-3181 between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., Pacific time, Monday - Friday.

  • How much does GOMsmart cost?
    A one-year license for GOMsmart is $1,200 and a one-month license is $200. Discounts for multiple purchases of one-year licenses are available by calling Earth Science Associates at the number listed in the question above.

  • How do I activate a free trial?
    Press the Free Trial Offer button at the top of this page (you can also sign up by clicking here). Upon completing a short form, you will be emailed a password and instructions on how to access GOMsmart for 14 days.

  • How often are data updated?
    GOMsmart checks for updated BOEM data every hour of every day. Whenever new data is added by BOEM, it is added to GOMsmart. In addition, ESA’s Discovery and Prospect Service updates whenever new information is obtained from industry sources. After data is added, any affected maps are automatically redrawn.

  • Will I have access to the Map Library?
    Yes, you will have complete access to all parts of GOMsmart, even the Map Library.

  • What if I only need GOMsmart for one project?
    GOMsmart can be purchased by the month for $200 per month for use on a special project or to prepare for an BOEM Lease Sale.

  • What are the system requirements for GOMsmart?
    An internet browser and internet access are required to access GOMsmart. GOMsmart has been reformatted for phones and tablets as well.

  • How much space will GOMsmart use on my computer?
    Because GOMsmart is a web-based program and does not reside on your computer, it will not take up space on your hard drive. When saving maps or reports, you’ll save them on your hard drive or a disc - this is the only space needed on your computer for GOMsmart.

  • I have decided to purchase GOMsmart, what do I do next?
    To purchase either a one-year or one-month license to GOMsmart, press the Purchase Now button here. After completing the purchase in our secure store, you will receive two emails within a few minutes. One, generated by our store, is the receipt for your purchase. The second will contain your password and instructions for logging onto GOMsmart. Your access to GOMsmart is immediate.

  • Does GOMsmart allow me to customize reports that I use regularly?
    GOMsmart contains over 70 pre-made and customizable reports, specific to an chosen feature (lease, well, platform, etc.) or selected by region, company and other options. These reports have been designed and refined by ESA’s GOM3 users over many years.

  • What kind of help is available with GOMsmart?
    What if I have difficulty performing a task? GOMsmart has been designed to be very easy to use. But if you have questions after your purchase, you will have access to telephone assistance from the ESA staff for 30 days to get you started and answer questions about how to best use GOMsmart. Beyond that, there is an extensive online Help Section available in GOMsmart with data documentation and instructions on functionality.

  • Can I activate my demo version to a full version?
    If during your two-week free trial you wish to purchase GOMsmart, just return to GOMsmart.com, click on the Purchase Now button, complete the purchase form and we will email you a new password which will allow you immediate access to GOMsmart.

  • How was GOMsmart developed?
    Earth Science Associates developed GOMsmart based on its 2-D and 3-D geographic information system (GIS), called GOM3. GOM3 is used by all of the large and medium-sized oil companies active in the Gulf of Mexico and by several consulting and service firms. GOMsmart was introduced to our GOM3 users in 2008 and is included in the GOM3 suite. We produced GOMsmart as a separate, web-based system with licenses for individuals to meet the needs of smaller companies, service companies, financial institutes and consultants. We are always working to improve GOMsmart and warmly welcome suggestions from users on how to make the system more useful.

  • How do I contact Earth Science Associates?
    Our phone number is (562)428-3181; our office hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Pacific time, Monday - Friday. Our office address is 4300 Long Beach Boulevard, Suite 310, Long Beach, CA 90807. Contact us by email at gomsmart@earthsci.com.