A Quick Tour of GOMsmart

GOMsmart Mobile is a full featured version of GOMsmart, but optimized for the smartphones and tablets.
Intuitive and easy access to GOM Information on your smartphone and tablet.
Easy to Use:
  • Easy navigation based on Blocks
  • Pull a report, create a chart, view extended information from your phone
  • Go from a block, field, well, directly to its location in the map
  • Create a report or chart from the map
  • Download a customizable map to your phone and share with colleagues

  • Help guide with workflows and screen captures

Complete Data at your fingertips:
  • Access to data on Leases, Fields, Wells, Completions, Platforms, Planned Sites, and Pipelines from a single screen.
  • Easily view well tests, well logs, and decline curves
  • Gulf of Mexico News feed

Customizable Maps
GOMsmart Mobile’s interactive mapping system allows you to easily view and access data on oil and gas activity in the GOM.
Access Reports, Charts, Well Logs and Tables from the Map
Tap once on the map and then select the specific dataset/feature you’d like from the drop-down menu. From there, drill down to more information and options for Reports, Charts, Tables, Owners, Bids, Remarks, Operating Rights and Units
Easily download a customizable map to your phone and share with colleagues.

Well Logs
GOMsmart Mobile provides the complete collection of well log images released by BOEM, and easily allows you to preview the Well Log and download a Tiff.
There is no more complete or easy way to research GOM data.

Customized Charts
Easy create a variety of customized charts with information on production histories—monthly production of oil, gas and water for every lease, field, platform, well and perforation interval in the Gulf.

Single-Feature Reports cover a single “feature” such as a Well or Lease.
Multi-Feature Reports allow you to see results of multiple “features” with one report.
Simply select the type of Report from the menu, then print or download to your computer.

Help guide with workflows and screen captures