GOMsmart - Designed by Geoscientists for Geoscientists

Drill down through oceans of data quickly and easily. Designed by geologists and geophysicists, GOMsmart delivers complete GOM data that is always up-to-date. No special software or training needed, just direct access to interactive maps, chart and reports.
Map access to all data
Whether it’s a Well Log you need, monthly Oil, Gas and Water Production data, the results of all Well Tests for the last 35 years or Paleo on a well — just go to the map. You can access all of the data in GOMsmart through the interface most intuitive to geologists, geophysicists and technologists - a Map.

All GOMsmart maps are always current. We scan BOEM servers hourly, 24 hours a day/7days a week. Our maps are updated as soon as new data is released.

No simpler way to access Well Logs
With GOMsmart you’re just a few clicks from all released Well Log images. GOMsmart displays producing intervals in MD and TVD to simplify deciding which well log is important to you. You just click on a log of interest, instantly preview – then download the image.

Paleo Data – find the bugs you need
GOMsmart incorporates data mined from both BOEM and ESA’s proprietary data sets. The result is complete and updated Paleo data available with any internet connection. Simply click on the Multi-Feature Report button and you’ll have access to 100,000+ Paleo observations – reported either for one well or all observations for a specific fossil. All observations within a single geologic stage or series can be extracted the same way. You can further filter the data to ‘tops only’ and other useful conditions that will target the data you want.
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