Paleontological Data

GOMsmart includes Paleo Data on 12,000+ wells on which paleontological analysis reports have been released by BOEM. These include 95,000+ individual picks providing the Depth, Marker identified, Time and Environment Interpretation, and information about the confidence of the interpretations.
Data Updates
The Paleontological Data database is updated monthly.

The GOMsmart Paleontological database includes data mined from BOEM and ESA’s own data research (*).
- Identification Code for Paleo Sample*
- ESA Sample Latitude (on wellbore)
- ESA Sample Longitude (on wellbore)
- ESA Sample True Vertical Depth (ft.) (on wellbore)
- Well API Number
- Report Number
- Number of Reports
- Area Code
- Block Number
- Lease Number
- Well Name
- Public Release Flag (Y or N)
- Release Date
- Date Report Written
- Report Source
- Reporter
- Well Operator
- Shallowest Sample Depth (ft.)
- Deepest Sample Depth (ft.)
- BOEM Standard Ecozone Flag (Y or N)
- First Sample Depth (ft.)
- Well Measured Depth (ft.)
- Well True Vertical Depth (ft.)
- Kelly Bushing Elevation (ft.)
- Water Depth (ft.)
- Well X Coordinate (Longitude)
- Well Y Coordinate (Latitude)
- Well Latitude
- Well Longitude
- Remarks
- BOEM Sample Measured Depth (ft.)
- BOEM Sample True Vertical Depth (ft.)
- Age Definite or Possible Top
- Age At Top or In Zone
- BOEM Observation
- Ecozone Definite or Possible Top
- Ecozone At Top or In Zone
- Ecozone Number
- System
- Subsystem
- Series
- Subseries
- Stage
- ESA Observation
- Field Abbreviated Name
- Release Date
- Report Date
- Sort Field
- Area + Block Number*
- Stage Top Date
- ESA Last Appearance Date*
- ESA LAD Reference*
- Kelly Bushing

Paleo data are not directly mapped, but can be accessed via mapped Wells.

Single-Feature Reports:
Easily create a Paleontology detail or summary report for each Well.
Multi-Feature Reports:
A Paleo Observation report can be generated by Age and Observation (Paleo Fossil) or by Observation only.