GOMsmart contains all monthly Oil, Gas and Water Production records dating back to 1947. Monthly Production is available at the Completion, Well, Field, Lease, and Block in charts, reports and downloads. Production data is also aggregated to cumulative production values for each dataset.
Data Updates
The Production database is updated bi-weekly.

The GOMsmart Production database includes data mined from BOEM and ESA’s own data research.
- Lease Number
- Lease Number
- Year and Month of Production
- Days on Production
- Oil Production (bbls)
- Gas Production (Mcf) - Water Production (bbls)
- Area + Block Number
- Field Abbreviation
- Apicmpst API Number + Prod Interval + Comp Date

Single-Feature Charts:
Pre-made charts for Production exist when accessing Leases, Blocks, Wells, Completions and Fields.
- Oil Annual Production History
- Gas Annual Production History
- Water Annual Production History
- BOE Annual Production History
- Oil and Gas Annual Production History
- Oil, Gas, Water Annual Production History
- Oil Monthly Production History
- Gas Monthly Production History
- Water Monthly Production History
- BOE Monthly Production History
- Oil and Gas Monthly Production History
- Oil, Gas, Water Monthly Production History
- Additional charts for completions:
- Oil Daily Production
- Gas Daily Production
- Water Daily Production
- BOE Daily Production
- Oil And Gas Daily Production

Single-Feature Reports:
Production reports are available with Leases, Blocks, Wells, Completions and Fields information.
Multi-Feature Reports:
Reports are easily created.
- Field Production
- Historical Lease Production
- Annual Lease Production
- Monthly Completion Production
- Company Net Daily Production Rate
- Company Current Net Annual Production