What Is GOMsmart?

GOMsmart is an online data research portal delivering complete and accurate Gulf of Mexico data for the oil and gas industry. Accessible via the internet, GOMsmart requires no special software or training to use.
GOMsmart delivers the most complete data available on the Gulf of Mexico, covering Leases, Wells, Scout Data, Fields, Facilities, Paleontological Data and Production. GOMsmart includes all data released by the BOEM, plus data mined from research conducted by GOMsmart and Earth Science Associates (ESA).

Why is GOMsmart a better source for GOM data? Let’s compare.

- Some companies offer tabular data, but no mapping capability.
- Some provide information on rigs, but no useful detail on leases.
- For some large data suppliers, the Gulf of Mexico is an afterthought tacked onto a global service.
GOMsmart was developed by Earth Science Associates, producer of the industry’s leading GIS (Geographical Information System) covering the Gulf—GOM3. Earth Science Associates are experts on the data collection and data mining for the Gulf of Mexico.
The GOMsmart.com platform was developed with 10 years of GOM3 experience and our work with the leading oil and gas producers in the Gulf. GOMsmart has been tested and used by these top producers for the past 3 years.

The BOEM releases data at various intervals throughout the day – so GOMsmart checks every hour. New data is automatically updated on GOMsmart within an hour of release. There is no source of BOEM data as up-to-date as GOMsmart, and we always report the update date and time for every data series or downloadable map. If you are waiting for a disk with updated data to arrive by mail or for your IT department to load an update – there is a better solution for your GOM data needs.


Are you doing your own data mining?

Count the hours. GOMsmart pays for itself in the time saved and efficiency gained. In addition to having instant access to complete and current data, you can create customized maps, charts and reports and download data into a spreadsheet with just a few clicks.

Anyone can use GOMsmart. If you can use a web browser, you’ve taken all the training you’ll need. GOMsmart uses an easy tab-based navigation.

Compare us to your current GOM data provider Not only does GOMsmart deliver more complete and up-to-date GOM data, but GOMsmart costs significantly less than other GOM data providers.
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