GOMsmart makes researching Lease data easy and complete. Ready-made, up-to-date wall maps are always available. Reports and Charts within GOMsmart provide a wealth of data. GOMsmart’s automated processes integrate sale data into the Lease databases faster than anyone in the industry.


The Lease database contains data on the status, bonus, water depth, lease terms, effective and expiration dates, well counts, and production.
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The Ownership History of every lease is available in the main interface of GOMsmart. Lease owners are also included in many reports. The Owner database includes aliquot groups, assignment dates and percentages.
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Operator data is included for all Leases. Operator designations are displayed in the main interface and in Lease Summary Reports.
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The Bidding History database contains data on all Lease Bids from 1974 (Sale S1) through present, with older sales being integrated into the database. Bidding data is updated within an hour of its release by BOEM on the day of each sale.
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The Serial Remarks database records all modifications to a lease. Remarks are accessed by date and remark type (General, Operator change and Status change). This database is updated daily.
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GOMsmart provides full Operating Rights descriptions - including the portions of block and depths covered - organized by date, assignee and description. Historical Rights are also included.
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Data on the unitization of leases for production purposes is collected for all Lease Units in the Gulf. Both Field and Reservoir Units are included in this database.
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