Gulf of Mexico Data Experts

Earth Science Associates is a software development and consulting company to the oil and gas industry, government agencies and international organizations, committed to a high level of ethics and community. The company is best known for the GOM3 geographic information system (GIS) and its online component, GOMsmart.

Both GOM3 and GOMsmart combine data released by the US Bureau of Ocean Energy Management with that of key industry sources of information into an integrated platform for analysis supporting all phases of exploration and production.
GOM3 was developed and launched by ESA over 15 years ago. Now the leading GIS technology handling Gulf of Mexico data, GOM3 is used by ALL large and medium-sized oil companies active in the Gulf of Mexico, and many consulting and service firms. See a list of our clients. To view more information about GOM3, please visit the GOM3 site here.
We created GOMsmart based on the same powerful 2-D and 3-D geographic information system (GIS) we developed for GOM3. GOMsmart was introduced to our GOM3 users in 2008 and is included in the GOM3 suite of products.
GOMsmart is now available as a separate, web-based research and data resource. GOMsmart is the perfect resource for any type of company involved with the Gulf of Mexico.