Scout Data

GOMsmart keeps you current on all new activity in the Gulf. Scout data is a combination of datasets that show the most recent information available in the Gulf of Mexico. Exploration Plans and Drilling Permits are updated daily, within hours of the release by MMS. Updated maps are generated automatically with each update giving you an instant view of each location.


All plans, including Historical Plans, are included in GOMsmart. Information about the plan type, status and dates are included, as well as links to the original documents submitted to MMS.
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Applications for Permits to Drill are available in the reports of GOMsmart. New APDs are highlighted in the GOMsmart map and are linked to the latest permits in the MMS.
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Discoveries are researched by Earth Science Associates through various publications to find the latest data, then integrated into GOMsmart as quickly as possible. All of the sources are included for reference.
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Prospects are researched and data mined by ESA to provide the most current data on new prospects and unsuccessful drilling. In addition, the Prospects map highlight areas where exploration plans are in place but no fields, discoveries or prospect announcements have been found.
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