Applications for Permits to Drill

Applications for Permits to Drill are updated daily to provide you the latest information on activity in the Gulf of Mexico. New maps are generated every time the data is updated.
Data Updates
The Applications for Permits to Drill database is updated daily.

The GOMsmart Application for Permits to Drill database includes data mined from BOEM and ESA’s own data research (*).
- API Number
- Operator Number
- Operator
- Bottom Area Code
- Bottom Block Number
- Bottom Lease Number
- District
- Date Application Received
- Surface N/S Distance
- Surface N/S Code
- Surface E/W Distance
- Surface E/W Code
- Surface Area Code
- Surface Block Number
- Surface Lease Number
- Well Name
- Well Suffix
- Water Depth (feet)
- Rig ID Number
- Rig Name
- Surface X Coordinate
- Surface Y Coordinate
- Surface Latitude
- Surface Longitude
- Approval Date
- Bottom Area Block*
- Surface Area Block*
- Bottom Area Block + Well Name*
- Surface Area Block + Well Name*
- Date Application Received
- Approval Date

The newest Drilling Permit Application locations updated daily on the GOMsmart maps.

Single-Feature Reports:
Reports for APDs are simply created using the Hotlink tool in the GOMsmart map.
- APD Report
- APD/AST/ABP details (BOEM Website)
Multi-Feature Reports:
Create a report on multiple APDs using the GOMsmart report tool.