Finally, a source for GOM Data that Engineers will like

Compare GOMsmart to other data sources and discover why no other resource can compare. GOMsmart delivers you the data you need, when you need it. GOMsmart is automatically updated whenever new data is available from BOEM and other GOMsmart/ESA proprietary sources. So Well Logs, maps, charts and reports you access on are always up-to-date, and always complete.
Well Logs – preview and go
In just a few clicks you can be viewing any Well Log image for the complete GOM! GOMsmart displays producing intervals in MD and TVD to simplify deciding which Well Log is important to you. You just click on the Log of interest, instantly preview – then download the image. Learn More

Engineering, pressure and driller’s logs, along with mud logs are included, along with the standard suite of petrophysical logs.

Facilities – instant information
Need to find how many open slots there are on a platform? You’ll have it in one click with GOMsmart. You can also get rig counts, metering, flares, helipads and slot utilizationsby type. Access Pipelines by opening the GOMsmart map and clicking on the Pipe with the “Hot Link” Tool. With GOMsmart you also have direct access to data on BOEM servers for rights-of-way and permits.
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Planned Sites
Our Planned Sites data provides Operator’s Plans for future platforms and facilities.
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Production & Tests
Easily chart or download to Excel monthly Oil, Gas or Water Production by Completion, Well, Field, Lease or Block. Cumulative totals and estimated reserves are presented with one click. Whether you’re doing decline curve analysis or a discounted cash flow, GOMsmart affords the quickest way to get the Production data you need.

GOMsmart also includes over 300,000 Test Records, dating from 1975 to present. Again, no matter what GOM data you need, GOMsmart is the source.
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