Prospects are researched through various publications to find announcements on Prospects, including announcements of unsuccessful drilling. A second group of Prospects is also included on the map, highlighting areas where Exploration Plans are in place but no Fields, Discoveries or Prospect announcements have been found.
Data Updates
The Prospects database is updated weekly.

The GOMsmart Prospects are data mined by ESA (*).
- Lease Number
- Discovery name*
- Discovery nickname*
- Area blocks of discovery
- Source*
- Type of Discovery*
- Type of extension discovery*
- Extension Field*
- Minimum estimated resources (MM BOE)*
- Midpoint estimated resources (MM BOE)*
- Maximum estimated resources (MM BOE)*
- Minimum gas resources (bcf)*
- Midpoint gas resources (bcf)*
- Maximum gas resources (bcf)*
- Minimum oil resources (MMbbls)*
- Midpoint oil resources (MMbbls)*
- Maximum oil resources (MMbbls)*
- Oil gravity (API deg)*
- Minimum net pay thickness (ft)*
- Midpoint net pay thickness (ft)*
- Maximum net pay thickness (ft)*
- Number of sands*
- True vertical depth (ft)
- Measured depth (ft)
- Water depth (ft)
- Reservoir age*
- Drilling rig name*
- Type of platform*
- Subsea completion*
- Subsea tie-back field*
- Test gas (MMcfpd)*
- Test oil (bopd)*
- Test condensate (bcpd)*
- Expected production of gas (MMcfpd)*
- Expected production of oil (bopd)*
- Extension producing*
- Extension production year*
- Total number of wells (post 2000)*
- Estimated first production year of discovery*
- Discovery well API number*
- Discovery well name*
- Discovery well top block
- Discovery well bottom block
- Operator long name
- Operator shortened name
- Operator code
- Discovery well spud date
- Discovery well total depth date
- Discovery well status code
- Number of planned wells (post 2000)*
- Comments on discovery*
- Additional comments on discovery*
- Date ESA added discovery*
- Date ESA added discovery (date format)*
- Center point latitude*
- Center point longitude*

Prospects are mapped to centerpoint of the block in which the Prospect was announced. New Prospects are highlighted on the map.

Single-Feature Reports:
Easily create reports for individual Prospects and Possible Prospects.
Multi-Feature Reports:
Reports covering multiple Prospects a single click.