Exploration Plans

This database contains both planned wells and structures for both exploration and development. All Plans, including Historical Plans, are included in GOMsmart. Information about the Plan type, Status and Dates are included, as well as links to the original documents submitted to BOEM.
Data Updates
The Exploration Plans database is updated daily.

The GOMsmart Exploration Plans database includes data mined from BOEM and ESA’s own data research (*).
- Control Code
- Control Number
- Type
- Name
- Cancel Date
- Action Type
- Action Date
- Surface East-West Distance
- Surface East-West Code
- Surface North-South Distance
- Surface North-South Code
- Surface Area Code
- Surface Block Number
- Protraction Number
- Surface Lease Number
- Projection Zone Code - X Coordinate
- Y Coordinate
- Latitude
- Longitude
- Bottom Lease Number
- Bottom Area Code
- Bottom Block Number
- Plan Type
- Water Depth (feet)
- Date Received
- Cancel Date
- Action Date
- Date Received
- Surface Area + Block Number*
- Bottom Area + Block Number*
- Operator Number
- Operator
- Plan Coordinator

All planned wells/structures are mapped in GOMsmart. The newest planned sites are highlighted.

Single-Feature Reports:
There are 3 reports for Exploration Plans.
- Planned Sites Report
- Plans Query (BOEM Website)
- Planned Site Docs (BOEM Website)
Multi-Feature Reports:
Create a report covering multiple Exploration Plans.