The Bidding History database contains data on all lease bids from 1973 (Sale 26) through present. Older lease sales are being integrated into the GOMsmart databases as well. Bidding data is updated within ONE hour of its release by BOEM on the day of each sale- no one gives you this information as quickly.
Data Updates
The Bids database is updated on the day of each sale.

The GOMsmart Bids database includes data mined from BOEM and ESA’s own data research (*).
Variables in Bidding History Database
- Sale Date - Sale Number
- Lease Number
- Bid Order
- Amount Bid
- Sale Date
- Percent Share of Bid
- Area + Block Number
- Mean of Range of Values
- Adjusted Delay Value
Variables in Lease Bid Summary Database
- Lease Number
- Sale Number
- Number of Bids*
- Average Bid Amount*
- Total Money Bid*
- Winning Bid
- Winning Bid % of Average Bid*
- Money Left on Table*
- Second Highest Bid
- Percent of MLOT*
- Leases Available in Sale*
- Highest Bid of Sale*
- Ranking in Sale*

GOMsmart maps show leases labeled with the winning bid amount. The GOMsmart map library also includes maps with Bidding data for easy access.

Single-Feature Reports:
A Lease Bidding report is available for each bid.
Multi-Feature Reports:
Access 8 different reports for Bidding data, including summaries.
- Bids
- Bids With Lease Production
- Rejected Bids
- Company Bidding Summary
- High Bid Summary
- Annual $ High Bid Summary
- Average $ High Bid Summary
- Competitive Bid Summary