The Owners database provides information about the Owner, Aliquot Groups, Assignment Percentages and Dates on all leases in the Gulf.
Data Updates
The Owner database is updated weekly.

The GOMsmart Owner database includes data mined from BOEM and ESA’s own data research.
- Aliquot Code
- Assignment Approval Date
- Company tNumber
- Lease Number
- Assignment Status
- Assignment Termination Date
- Owner Group
- Assignment Percent
- Assignment Effective Date
- Company Name
- Company Short Name
- Assignment Approval Date
- Assignment Termination Date
- Assignment Effective Date

Owners are mapped with leases. Leases in the GOMsmart map are labeled with the OCS Number, Operator, Status, Bonus, Effective Date, and each Owner and Assignment Percentage.

Single-Feature Reports:
There are 2 reports dealing directly with Owners.
- Summary Report (with Owner data)
- Lease Owner Query (BOEM Website)
Multi-Feature Reports:
There are 3 reports dealing directly with Owners.
- Active Lease Ownership with Operator
- Active Lease Ownership With Net Production
- Company Ranking
- Ownership