GOM3 ArcGIS Pro Webinar

ArcGIS Pro is a 64-bit application and the future platform for ArcGIS. Most importantly, if you have ArcMap already, you can install ArcGIS Pro on the same computer at no extra cost.

Overall, ArcGIS Pro has a more intuitive layout than ArcMap, but if you're familiar with ArcMap, there is a little bit to learn as far as the placement of all of the controls. Also critical for GOM3, 3-D data can be viewed in ArcGIS Pro without an additional 3-D Analyst extension. This webinar is a quick overview of where the most common parts of ArcMap are located, some of the details and features that we find helpful if you are new to navigating in a 3-D GIS and a look at the GOM3 ribbon and some of the differences when loading data.

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