The GOMsmart Pipeline database provides Location, Size and Product type for all Pipelines that operate in the Gulf of Mexico.
Data Updates
The Pipelines database is updated twice monthly.

Pipelines can mapped using GOMsmart’s interactive maps.

Single-Feature Reports:
Standard reports are accessible from the Hotlink tool of the map.
- Pipeline Report (Standard)
- Pipeline Location Query (via BOEM website)
- Pipeline Permits Query (via BOEM website)
- Pipeline Right-of-Way (via BOEM website)

The GOMsmart Pipelines database includes data mined from BOEM and ESA’s own data research (*).
- BOEM pipeline segment number
- Segment length
- Name of facility where pipeline originates
- Area in which pipeline originates
- Block in which pipeline originates
- Lease at which pipeline originates
- Name of destination facility of pipeline
- Name of destination area of pipeline
- Name of destination block of pipeline
- Name of destination lease of pipeline
- Abandonment approval date
- Abandonment date
- Platform abandonment approval date
- Authority code for pipeline operation
- Boarding pipeline has Shut Down Valve
- Buried at time of installation
- Expected cathodic protection lifetime
- Flow direction
- Construction date
- Leak detection system flag
- Date of last database revision
- Date of initial hydrostatic test
- Length of federal portion
- Status
- Diameter (inches)
- Flag for approval under 30CFR 250.250
- Highest operating pressure in receiving pipeline (psi)
- Segment number of receiving pipeline
- Date construction was proposed
- Product type
- BOEM system code
- ROW Permitee Number
- Operator number
- Minimum water depth (feet)
- Maximum water depth (feet)
- Protraction Number
- Maximum operating pressure (psi)
- Cathodic protection
- Bidirectional flow flag
- Boarding pipeline has Flow Safety Valve
- Approval type
- Abandonment type
- ROW Permitee
- Operator
- Origin Area + Block*
- Destination Area + Block*
- Abandonment approval date
- Abandonment date
- Platform abandonment approval date
- Construction date
- Last database revision date
- Initial hydrostatic test date
- Proposed construction date
- Production Type*
- Diameter (inches)*
- Diameter (in) + Type*