2020 Recap and Future Plans


Q1: Do you know your company’s plan to transition from ArcGIS Desktop (ArcMap) to ArcGIS Pro?

Q2: Have you tried using the OOSA data in GOMsmart?

Q3: In the Depth vs. Mud Weight reports of the Drilling Analytics, we questioned the proper way of displaying Mud Weights and Shoe Tests going down a borehole, with or without lines connecting the values. Which of these is preferential in terms of accuracy and aesthetics, and why? If you have other ideas about the display, please include them here.

Q4: Given the geology & geophysical log (top) and mudlog (bottom) above, are there other curves that should be added? Should any curves by omitted?

Q5: For the two logs above, are there other datasets that should be used for the context tract at the far right (instead of Paleo, Hydrocarbon Bearing Zones, Geomarkers and Completions)?

Q6: If you would like to schedule a free demo of GOM3, GOMsmart or the GOM3 Analytics Add-on, please enter your email below and we will contact you to set that up for your group:

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